Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

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Welcome to readers of the Journal

Robyn C Millar

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome readers, to this, the latest academic nursing journal based in Australasia but with a global reach.  Nursing is a noble and rewarding profession.  As our ‘ABOUT’ webpage describes in more detail, the profession has changed dramatically in recent years to accommodate maturing ideas about quality assurance or quality improvement, patient safety, and optimizing outcomes by applying proven methods and minimizing treatment errors by application of authoritative guidelines coupled with improved training.  It is vital that these developments grow and develop as a result of scientific effort rather than fixed beliefs or persistent notions that are not based on scientific evidence.

I remain a working nurse in spite of my management responsibilities at my local health region in Western Australia, and I value my contact with ward nurses.  I hope these everyday contacts will influence the tone of this journal and I am looking forward to my new responsibilities as editor. I understand that stress can be part of hospital nursing practice, and hope that the Journal can cover these sensitive areas from time to time.  I am also excited that the Journal will provide a supportive environment for nurses studying to improve their qualifications and publish the results of their research projects. We offer ease of submission with the minimum of rules, a thorough and rapid but non-prejudicial review process via Manuscript Manager, and a fair fee structure designed to recover costs.  We shall discount fees for bona fide undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields represented by each Journal.  I hope you like your new journal.  We shall be delighted to receive your articles and your internal feedback as the springboard to our own Quality Improvement!

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BN PG Dip Robyn C Millar

Editor, Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice