About Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

The Journal of Evidence-based Nursing Practice (JEBNP) has been created as a sister journal to the Tasman Medical Journal (TMJ) to service the contemporary nursing profession. Over the last 40-50 years nursing practice has changed from an empirically-based vocationally-acquired skill set into an academically-based profession. The graduate members of this profession now create and abide by practice guidelines based as far as possible on scientific evidence, and measure the performance of these guidelines on the health outcomes by means of continuous audit and formal research. The pressure to make these changes has arisen naturally from within but also as a response to the international recognition Quality Improvement as a determinant of patient outcomes, and its incorporation into the system of accreditation for our public hospitals. However, we see much of this effort going to waste as there are few opportunities to publish patient outcome data or the results of critical incident analyses resulting from these historical trends. Thus we believe the challenge of maintaining evidence-based practice requires a supporting Australasian academic journal. Though JEBNP is based in Australia and is focused on Australasian nursing practice, we will be pleased to accept contributions from overseas.

The editor of JEBNP is Robyn Carroll Millar BN PGDip Health Management. Robyn is a practicing nurse, nurse manager and research nurse.  Her current position is Director of Nursing for the Great Southern region of the Western Australia Country Health Service. Her experience also includes clinical and research work in the Burns Unit at Royal Perth Hospital and as Manager of the Women and Childrens’ Directorate at Southland Hospital, Invercargill, New Zealand. Her full CV can be viewed by clicking the button below.

As with TMJ, we aim to offer ease of submission with the minimum of rules, a thorough and rapid but non-prejudicial review process via Manuscript Manager, and a fair fee structure designed to recover costs.  We shall discount fees for bona fide undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields represented by each Journal.